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How does a central gas furnace work?

A central gas furnace works by pulling in cool air through a return duct and pushing it over a hot heat exchanger and then through ducts into the home. Most furnaces on the market today offer multiple stages and variable speed fans which help increase efficiency and humidity control. One of our Certified Comfort Advisors will go over these features in detail with you when you schedule a FREE In-Home Comfort Analysis. Please visit Amana for details.


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How does central air conditioning work?

A central air conditioner works by pulling warm air through a coil filled with refrigerant which absorbs heat and moisture from the air. This nice cool air is then pushed through the ducts into your home while the heated refrigerant is move outdoors and cooled. Many air conditioners have multiple stages and SEER ratings to meet the needs of every homeowner. One of our Certified Comfort Advisors will go over these features in detail with you when you schedule a FREE In-Home Comfort Analysis. Please visit Amana for details.


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How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump works exactly like a central air conditioner in cooling mode but in a unique way for heating. Instead of using the refrigerant to transfer heat out of a home, like an air conditioner in cooling mode, a heat pump uses refrigerant to transfer heat inside a home in heating mode. A heat pump will heat and cool your home if properly sized and they are extremely efficient at doing so. One of our Certified Comfort Advisors will go over these features in detail with you when you schedule a FREE In-Home Comfort Analysis. Please visit Amana for details.

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What is the best brand available on the market today?

When it comes to brand names, the importance is typically over rated. We do suggest sticking with a well known manufacturer such as Amana, Goodman, York, Rheem, Trane, Carrier, etc. and one that comes with a good warranty. Amana, who we highly recommend and are a Certified APlus Dealer for, arguably offers the strongest warranty on the market today. It should be known that any system can outlast and outperform the other regardless of the features and advertised efficiency ratings with proper installation and maintenance. Therefore the installation is much more important than the brand name. Here at Command A/C our Certified Service Technicians and Installers are highly trained and with our strict quality controls we can ensure that your system, regardless of the brand, will perform more efficiently and last longer than the same system installed by another company.

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Can I control my thermostat from my smart phone or the internet?

Great question! Nowadays manufactures such as Honeywell and Nest have thermostat systems available that allow you to control and monitor your system from the internet and even your mobile device. It enables you to turn your system on and off regardless of your location. Let's say you forgot to turn off the A/C when you left the house, it happens. Instead of turning around you can simply turn it off from your smart phone or when you arrive at an internet connected computer anywhere. Maybe you want to turn up the heat on your way home at night, easy to do. It also gives us the opportunity to monitor your system and potentially troubleshoot minor problems without having to send out a technician saving you time and money. Please visit YouTube to watch a short video of the Nest thermostat which has been said to be the iPhone of thermostats. Or click here to watch a short video of the Honeywell internet thermostat and accessories.

Of course one of our Certified Comfort Advisors would be happy to go over details with you should you schedule a FREE In-Home Comfort Analysis.

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I heard that Freon (R-22) is being phased out. What do I do?

This is true, the EPA has begun the phase out of Freon and it is becoming scarcer and much more expensive. This can be a big problem for some people as most residential systems installed before 2006 contain Freon and newer systems typically contain Puron (R-410a) which is an environmentally friendly refrigerant. The reason for the switch is that Freon contains chlorine and can damage the ozone layer. If you have a system with Freon, you should first make sure that you have annual maintenance and second, think about upgrading to a more efficient system with Puron. One of our Certified Service Technicians or Comfort Advisors will be able to tell you which system you have if you do not know already.

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Do I need to have maintenance for my comfort system, even though it seems to work fine?

Yes you do. We cannot stress enough just how important it is to maintain your comfort system. Just like your vehicle, you have to take it in for regular oil changes and maintenance. Your comfort system whether new or old needs to be properly maintained and we have just the solution for you. Our USA (Ultimate Service Agreement) is the best way to ensure that your system stays clean, lasts longer, costs less to operate and satisfies manufactures requirements. With our USA program we will dispatch a Certified Service Technician twice a year to your home where they will perform a 23 point Tune-Up which also includes changing or cleaning your air filter. You don't have to worry about a thing and in case there is an unexpected breakdown, unlikely with our program, or you decide it's time to upgrade, you will get a great discount for being a member or what we call a lifelong customer.

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Why is it always warmer upstairs than downstairs?

It's simple, hot air rises and cold air sinks. Unfortunately conventional comfort systems and even modern construction do not typically address this common problem. Don't worry though, we can help. By electronically zoning your existing or new system, we can control the temperature in each section of your house separately. Think about it, you can cool your master bedroom and not the rest of the house that nobody is using or move to the living room and control only that area. Your comfort level increases dramatically while your energy costs decrease. It doesn't get any better than that right? Ask us about scheduling a FREE In-Home Comfort Analysis and one of our Certified Comfort Advisors will show you everything there is to know about zoning.

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What are some easy ways that I can save energy?

Did you know that the number one utility cost in a typical home is the heating and cooling system? Here are some tips to make your house more efficient so that you have more spending money.

  1. Upgrading to a digital programmable thermostat and setting it properly can help you save up to 30% on your heating and cooling utility costs.

  2. Regular maintenance will help your system stay working efficiently and save you money

  3. Upgrading your duct system is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of any system, old or new. This is the second most common place for heat loss and gain just behind your windows.

  4. Upgrade your windows. This is the number one place for heat loss during the winter and gain during the summer. Unfortunately we do not currently offer this service so you would have to find someone who does.

  5. Upgrade your comfort system if it's more than 12 years old. You can save big and see a return on your investment within 5 years by upgrading your equipment.

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I have asthma. What can Command A/C do for me?

Indoor Air Quality is a big deal for everyone but especially for those with asthma or other respiratory problems. Most systems over time become filled with gunk such as dust, mold, bacteria, pet dander and other nasty things that you don't want to be breathing. We suggest that if you have an existing system that your first step should be to schedule a Tune-Up and we will send a Certified Service Technician who can inspect and clean your system as well as show you what products are available to help such as media air cleaners, UV light systems, Hepa filters and so much more. If you are looking for a new system then one of our Certified Comfort Advisors will educate you on the different filtration options available to suit your needs and budget.

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Should I repair or replace my existing comfort system?

We have to ask back, how old is your current comfort system and how well has it been maintained? Typically it is suggested that your system be upgraded every 12-15 years but that really depends on how well it's been maintained. Aside from that, keep in mind that the technology in this industry changes fast, as it does everywhere else, and what was installed 15 years ago is far outdated. Not only that but without proper maintenance it could be potentially dangerous as well as expensive to run. Ask for a FREE In-Home Comfort Analysis for a no obligation educational experience to determine which the right option for you is.

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