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Cypress CA Air Conditioning Repair FAQ: Common AC Problems

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

When you live in California it is important to have a high-quality air conditioning system that you can rely on to keep your home cool and comfortable on even the hottest days of the year. Of course, even top of the line products from the most established and respected manufacturers are still mechanical systems. This means that they are susceptible to operational problems. While most problems that you may encounter with your air conditioning system are not terribly serious it is still important to have them evaluated by a Cypress, CA air conditioning repair expert as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common air conditioning problems that we encounter at Command A/C, along with some possible causes.

If your air conditioning system simply will not turn on, do not automatically assume the worst. While it is possible that there is a very serious problem that has led to a complete breakdown, there are several other, far less serious possibilities. Check the power source of your air conditioning system. It is possible that the system has come unplugged or that the power line has frayed or been severed. Either way it can account for the complete lack of power. Never rule out user error, either. While it may sound obvious, check your thermostat. If it is set to heat instead of cool it will not activate. Double checking is never a bad idea.

Another common problem we see with air conditioning systems is freezing coils. The condenser coils on your outdoor AC unit are important to the operation of the system, and if they freeze up you system will fail to cool your home effectively. The most likely cause of this problem is a low refrigerant level. Your air conditioning system does not consume refrigerant, but rather recycles it over and over. This means that it is possible you have a refrigerant leak in your system. Contact a Cypress, CA air conditioning repair technician to find out for sure.

If you notice these or any other problems with the operation of your air conditioning system call Command A/C right away. We are the company to call for exceptional Cypress, CA air conditioning service. Let us help you cool your home consistently and reliably this summer.

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Cypress CA Air Conditioning FAQ: The Importance of AC Maintenance

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Living in California is great for homeowners that enjoy the summer heat, but if you hope to make it through the summer comfortably you need an air conditioning system you can rely on. While purchasing a high-quality air conditioning system from a trusted manufacturer and scheduling your AC installation with a qualified air conditioning professional is important, you must take further steps to get a quality performance. Contact the Cypress CA air conditioning pros at Command A/C today to schedule the air conditioning maintenance service you need to ensure you comfort this summer.

Professional air conditioning maintenance is absolutely necessary if you want to get the most efficient, reliable performance possible from your air conditioning system. An air conditioner in Cypress, CA will see a lot of playing time over the course of the summer months. This level of demand is going to take a toll on your air conditioning system, no matter how high end it may be. It is just the nature of any mechanical system to incur some general wear and tear.

This wear and tear can impede the efficient operation of your air conditioning system, forcing it to work harder than it ought to to keep your home comfortable. If even one component of your air conditioner is not operating properly then you cannot expect the system as a whole work at maximum efficiency levels. Routine air conditioning maintenance gives your AC maintenance technician the opportunity to inspect and tune up your system, addressing this wear and tear to minimize its impact on the efficiency of your system.

Routine Cypress, CA air conditioning maintenance is also a great way to reduce the risk of damage to your air conditioning system. The longer you allow your AC to operate in a compromised condition the more wear and tear it will experience. If you wait long enough this fairly minor issue can lead to some serious, costly problems. Schedule regular, professional air conditioning maintenance to avoid any disruption to your comfort.

If you are ready to schedule professional air conditioning maintenance, call the Cypress air conditioning technicians at Command A/C. We have the skill and training necessary to keep your AC operating properly. Let us help you cool your home with confidence this summer. Contact Command A/C today!

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