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3 Reasons to Consider Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Air conditioning units provide a cool comfortable climate in the midst of the heat of summer. They’re vital to handling the hottest months in So Cal towns like Cypress, CA. Air conditioning maintenance is almost as important as purchasing the right unit in the first place. Like any piece of equipment, an air conditioning system requires regular upkeep in order to function as it should, and shouldn’t be dismissed as an unnecessary cost. Here are 3 reasons to consider professional air conditioning maintenance.

  • Improved efficiency. Maintenance allows the technician to replace worn parts, tighten loose fittings and recharge refrigerant that has run low. All of which lets the air conditioner run more efficiently and expend less energy to make your house comfortable. You’ll see the difference in your monthly energy bills, which will drop as your AC performs better.
  • Extended life. Maintenance lowers stress on the system by correcting little problems before they become big ones. That decreases wear on individual components, which means that your air conditioner will last longer and require fewer serious repairs over the course of its life.
  • Professional care. While it’s possible to perform air conditioning maintenance yourself – and indeed while certain things such as changing the air filter are simple enough to do on your own – a qualified professional is the only way to guarantee quality maintenance. Trained technicians know what to look for when it comes to wear and tear on the system, and can implement solutions with the knowledge that comes from experience. Doing it yourself may not fix the issue and might even make things worse. For example, if you spot ice on your evaporator coils, the first thought may be to simply scrape the ice off. But doing so doesn’t address the underlying issue – low refrigerant levels – which means the ice will return, and by scraping it off, you may end up damaging the coils themselves.

Consider professional air conditioning maintenance a go-to option for keeping your AC unit functioning and reliable. In Cypress, CA, air conditioning maintenance is handled by the experts at Command A/C. Call us today for an appointment and see what a different a little professional upkeep can make.

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How Ductwork Can Make or Break Your Air Conditioning

Monday, September 16th, 2013

You can hear your air conditioner at work and feel the cool air wafting from the vents… but you have probably never give much thought to the ducts, those unseen channels that distribute air through your home. Properly installed and constructed ducts will usually give you few problems—but if something does go wrong with them, they can seriously impair your air conditioner. At Command A/C, we’ve seen how ductwork can make or break an air conditioning system. Regular maintenance is key to making certain your air conditioning in Cypress, CA operates to the best of its ability.

When your ducts are in good shape, it’s easy for your air conditioner to send cooled air around the home. You don’t want your air conditioner to overwork in order to lower the temperature, as this can lead to costly repairs as it suffers from wear. Having properly maintained ducts also mean you’ll experience fewer air quality issues.

However, if your ducts contain too much dust and other debris, or if they develop breaks because of corrosion or damage, you may have major problems that can result in expensive repairs. Contaminants in the ducts will reduce air flow, which will make your air conditioner inefficient. You may notice an increase in your energy bills because your air conditioner has to work harder. Further build-up of dust can eventually infiltrate the AC’s components, damaging motors and fans.

Another concern with dust contamination in your ducts is that it may lower the quality of the air in your home. This is particularly troubling if there are people in your house with allergies to airborne pollutants.

If breaks form in your ducts, your air conditioner may start drawing air from other parts of your home, such as the attic, crawlspaces, or the region between your walls. The air in these spots is usually warm, and you might notice the flow from your vents is no longer as cool as it should be. It may also have an unpleasant odor. As with dust contamination, breaks in vents can have a negative impact on air quality.

You shouldn’t try to fix problems with your ducts on your own. (No, duct tape won’t take care of sealing breaks, despite the name.) Call in professionals to perform the necessary cleaning and sealing to get your ductwork back into shape. At Command A/C, our slogan is “Stop checking the weather… command it!” Our Cypress, CA duct sealing technicians take seriously the control we give you in your home to keep cool, so when you require professional duct sealing and repair, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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The Trouble with Low Refrigerant

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Your air conditioning system uses a compressed refrigerant in order to remove heat from your home and exhaust it outside. This refrigerant is one of the key components of your AC and we here at Command A/C wanted to share some of the issues that can arise when your system has low refrigerant. Give us a call if you need any kind of Orange, CA air conditioning repair services.

Orange, CA Air Conditioning Repair: Low Refrigerant

Read on below for some of the common problems that can result from low refrigerant in your AC.

  • Not enough cooling – In order for your air conditioning system to effectively remove heat from your home, it needs to use a compressed refrigerant. This refrigerant is similar to Freon, but in newer models they use an environmentally friendly type. The refrigerant is actually the vehicle that carries the heat away from your home, so if there isn’t enough of it then you won’t get enough cooling in your home.
  • Noises – If there is low refrigerant in your air conditioning system, then you may start to notice a gurgling noise coming from it. This is the sound of air bubbles moving through the system.
  • Inefficiency – Without the proper level of refrigerant, your system will likely have to work harder to cool your home which will reduce its efficiency.
  • Ice on the coils – Your AC has a large fan that pulls in warm air from your home and passes it over a series of very cold coils (evaporator coils) which contain the refrigerant. Under normal operating conditions, condensation will form on the coils, similar to how condensation forms on a cold glass on a hot day, and drip into a drain. But with low refrigerant, this condensation will actually freeze and restrict the flow of air through the coils and, thus, into your home.

If you’re having any problems with your air conditioning system or if you suspect that you have low refrigerant, call the Orange, CA air conditioning repair professionals at Command A/C today.

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We Wish You a Happy Labor Day

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

On every project that we complete, we ensure that our customers are satisfied. We take pride in the work that we do every day, and this level of diligence and attention to detail has allowed us to grow over the years. On the first Monday of every September, our country celebrates Labor Day as a way of recognizing the hard work that has made this country great. Because making your home more comfortable and convenient is our business, we want you to have an enjoyable and pleasant Labor Day.

Labor Day is a time of good BBQ, the start of the professional and college football seasons, entertainment with family and friends, and, most importantly, taking a day off from work. Labor Day emerges as a federal holiday in the wake of the Pullman Strike of 1894. It was designated as such by President Grover Cleveland and Congress as a way to reconcile the damage done by the faceoff between the Federal government and the Pullman Palace Car Company workers and other railroad workers. But over a decade before it became official, Labor Day began as a workers’ picnic and demonstration suggested by either Peter J. McGuire of the American Federation of Labor, or Matthew Maguire of the Central Labor Union of New York.

From our family to yours, we wish you all the best on this Labor Day.

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