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Why a Heat Pump Works Best for Long Beach, CA Heating

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Long Beach has one of the most pleasant climates in the United States, enjoying resort-like conditions much of the year. Because of the warm seasons, heating our homes presents a tricky situation. Heating is necessary—it won’t be sunny and 72°F every day of the year—but that heating shouldn’t be a large energy drain when we turn it on. For this reason, homeowners are often reluctant to invest in a large system such as a gas furnace.

Gas furnaces do work well, and for some large homes they can be ideal. But the system that we find works best for Long Beach, CA heating is the heat pump. We’ll list a few reasons why the heat pump is one of the best options for your comfort.

To learn more about your choices for heat pump installation, call Command A/C today and talk to our Long Beach heating system experts.

What makes a heat pump a great choice for Long Beach

  • Heating and cooling in one: A heat pump isn’t just a heater. It’s also an air conditioner. Essentially, a heat pump is an AC that can reverse the direction it moves heat so that instead of taking the heat outside, it brings it inside. Since an effective air conditioner is your first priority for Long Beach, a heat pump has you covered for most of the year. Think of the heating as a bonus!
  • Energy-efficiency: Furnaces, whether electric or gas-powered, must use their energy to directly create heat. A heat pump, however, does not create heat at all; it moves it from one place to another. The only energy it needs to do this is the electrical power required to operate its mechanics. This is significantly less than what a furnace uses. U.S. government studies found that a family of four can save as much as 30% off their annual heating bills when switching to a heat pump.
  • Effective heating: In cooling mode, heat pumps can compete with standalone AC models for the amount of comfort they provide. They are not as effective at providing heat, however, when the outdoor temperature drops too low, and for this reason heat pumps often need a backup system in colder climates. But none of this applies to a heat pump in Long Beach: you will get the right level of comfort that you need, and your heat pump will never have to struggle with sub-freezing temperatures.

Double-check: Is a heat pump your best choice?

Although we just spent most of this post talking up the heat pump, there is no such thing as a heating system that is always the best choice for every home. Schedule an appointment with the heating specialists at Command A/C for knowledgeable advice about the best way to keep your home warm without spending a fortune on energy costs. We have your concerns about heating in Long Beach, CA covered.

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Why Install a Heat Pump in Warm Climates

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

When it comes to heating a home in Southern California, most homeowners are uncertain what option is best for them. Because Southern Californian homes need heating far less than most other parts of the country, residents want heaters that can provide sufficient heat without draining too much power during the brief times when they run. If possible, homeowners would also like a heater that takes up less space.

For these reasons, and for more that we’ll detail below, we recommend installing a heat pump for your Huntington Beach, CA heating system installation. To find out more about what heat pump installation requires, call us at Command A/C and speak to our specialists.

Why heat pumps are appealing for warm climates

First things first: a heat pump isn’t just a heater—it’s also an air conditioner. That takes care of the space problem, since you only need to install one system to cover your heating and cooling needs. Heat pumps are not two separate units packaged together, like you often see with an air conditioner installed above a furnace in the same cabinet. A heat pump uses the same action—heat exchange—whether in heating or cooling mode. Heat pumps provide air conditioning at the level of the best solo ACs on the market, so you don’t have to worry about losing valuable cooling power during the long hot seasons.

Second, heat pumps are very energy efficient when in heating mode. The reason that heating systems like furnaces and boilers use so much energy is that they must burn fuel in order to create heat. However, a heat pump uses its power source, electricity, only to run its mechanical parts. A heat pump does not create heat (or cooling) at all; it instead shifts the location of heat, moving it outside to provide a cooler environment, and moving it indoors for a warmer one. Government studies have shown that switching from a furnace to heat pump can save a family 30% off their annual heating bills.

Finally, heat pumps in warm climates have no problem overcoming their one major disadvantage: efficiency loss in sub-freezing temperatures. When was the last time Huntington Beach had temperatures below 32°F? A heat pump will rarely experience any trouble providing you the heat you need to feel comfortable.

So why doesn’t everybody have a heat pump?

Despite all these advantages, heat pumps are not the best option for every house. Call expert installers to help you determine what heating system installation in Huntington Beach, CA will give you optimal heat combined with the most economical performance. At Command A/C, we’re ready to help you get the comfort you want.

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Benefits of a Packaged HVAC System

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

*Command A/C no longer services packaged units. For a full list of our air conditioning services, look here!

If you are considering having a new heater installed this winter in your home, why not take care of getting a new air conditioning system at the same time? You don’t have to bother installing two separate units if you choose one of the high-efficiency packaged HVAC systems available, which combine heater and AC in a single cabinet.

Packaged systems come in a large variety to suit your needs. Some use electricity to power a heat pump, while others combine heat pumps with high-AFUE gas furnaces. There are many combinations with differing levels of heating and cooling efficiency, so chances are good that professional installers will find a unit that will fit your home and budget.

Call Command A/C to inquire about having a packaged HVAC system installed in your home. We can answer all your questions and go through the step-by-step process of picking, sizing, and installing the right packaged system for you.

Advantages of a package HVAC system

  • Heating and cooling in one unit: Of course, the best benefit of a packaged system is that you have an air conditioner and a heater in one. With dual fuel packaged systems, you will never have to worry about the heater losing efficiency in lower temperatures.
  • Space saving: Because package systems are designed to efficiently reside together in the same cabinet, they are built to save as much space as possible. A packaged unit will take up less space in your home than having a separate heater and air conditioner. This is especially useful if you are considering remodeling your home, or if you are building a new one.
  • High energy efficiency: Packaged systems that come with the U.S. government ENERGY STAR® label are at least 15% to 25% more efficient than regular models.
  • Easier service access: Regular maintenance and repairs are easy for professionals to perform if your heating and cooling systems are located inside a single cabinet.

Because of the many models and efficiency ratings of packaged HVAC systems, you will need expert knowledge to help you select the right model to fit your home’s needs. You will also need expertise to size the unit so it will provide you the proper level heating and cooling without overworking or short-cycling. Don’t make the choice on your own, contact heating and cooling specialists before you decide—and then rely on their expertise to install it correctly.

Call our Huntington Beach, CA heating system specialists at Command A/C to find out about your options for packaged HVAC systems. Their training and knowledge will help you find the ideal system to fit your home.

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Is It Time to Get a New Furnace in Long Beach?

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Long Beach has one of the finest winter climates in all of the U.S. Right now, some states are struggling with power outages due to massive ice storms, while Long Beach bathes in clear skies and temperatures in the 70s. However, if you look over the long-term forecast for Southern California, the first few months of the New Year will have some chilly spots that will require you to fire up the ol’ furnace.

And what if that ol’ furnace is too ol’? (Or, old?) If colder weather is on the way, you don’t want to be trapped with a rickety heater ready to collapse at the worst possible time. To get the best heating in Long Beach, CA, it might be time to replace that venerable old heater with a fresh system.

Command A/C can help you with replacement installation if the time is right. Here are some guidelines to help you decide:

The furnace is more than 20 years old

A well-maintained furnace can often make it past the two-decade mark. If yours has, then you’ve gotten a great bargain out of it. However, wear from age is inevitable, no matter the care that goes into the system. Instead of the inconvenience of replacing the old system when it finally fails completely, replace it now.

Your heating bills have started to climb

Your old furnace may still provide you with the level of heat that you want, but that doesn’t mean that it is working well. The stress of age will make the heater strain to reach its target temperature, and this will appear as inflation on your heating bills. If your bills remain high regardless of repairs, it’s best to replace the furnace and start saving money each month.

Repairs have become too frequent

If you have scheduled repairs for your furnace so often that you think it might be more worthwhile to have the technician rent out a spare room, then your furnace is signaling that it’s on its last legs. The repairs will add up until they cost more than a replacement, so get ahead of the problem and take care of the replacement as soon as you can.

Even if it seems clear that you need to have a new furnace installed for your heating in Long Beach, CA, it’s a large step to take. Consult with an Long Beach heating technician to see if replacement is the best plan, and then let the expert guide you toward the best system to install in the former one’s place.

Contact Command A/C for furnace installation done fast and right. We can install gas, propane, and electric furnaces to suit the needs of any home.

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