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Benefits of Modular Units for Your Commercial HVAC System

Monday, January 11th, 2016

If you own a business or work as the manager of an office building here in Cypress, CA, you know that commercial heating and air conditioning needs differ significantly from residential systems. Besides the need to heat or cool more space, they have to handle the issue of multiple stories, multiple businesses occupying the same building and the specific needs of equipment like computers. Many commercial HVAC systems rely on modular units – multiple units of equal size placed on the roof of the building and added or removed as necessary. The benefits of modular units for your commercial HVAC system cannot be stressed enough.

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial Air Conditioner?

Monday, May 4th, 2015

There’s no way to get around it: replacing your commercial air conditioner is a serious undertaking. But one thing many business people overlook is that replacing an outdated and/or malfunctioning air conditioning system for your business is a great opportunity to gain better performance, get better energy efficiency and improve comfort. However, many business owners wait until the system goes caput before even considering replacement, which can leave you without the cooling you, your employees and your clients need. Wondering if it’s time to replace your commercial AC? Here are some helpful tips from the commercial AC experts to help you determine whether it’s time to retire your business’s air conditioning system:

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3 Reasons to Schedule Maintenance for Your Commercial AC

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Commercial air conditioners are large systems because they have a great deal of space to cool. While these systems are made for this kind of work, they can and will get worn down over time. As we get closer to the hottest months of the year, it’s important that your business’s air conditioner is ready for challenge, and the best way to ensure this is with an annual maintenance appointment. The commercial HVAC specialists at Command A/C can assist you with a thorough and in-depth maintenance appointment that will help you, your business and your HVAC system – just give us a call!

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System?

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Commercial HVAC systems are similar to home heating systems in many ways. They include a lot of the same parts, they serve the same purpose, and they’re just as annoying to deal with when they break. The only real differences between them are that commercial HVAC systems are quite a bit larger, and they have more of an impact when they break down. Even with the best possible maintenance, however, it will eventually become necessary to replace your system with a new commercial HVAC installation. Let’s examine some of the signs that it’s time to replace your commercial HVAC system.

Escalation in Repairs

Though there will always be the odd repair need that crops up every once in a while, when a commercial heating system gets old enough the frequency of repairs will increase. This is because the various parts of the system will start to wear down from prolonged use. Each part wears out at a slightly different rate, which eventually results in several parts breaking in rapid succession. You can keep replacing these broken parts, but eventually you will have simply replaced the entire system one part at a time. As this is much more expensive than simply installing a new system, it’s usually a good idea to replace your old commercial unit when it starts breaking down more often.

Increase in Operating Cost

The same wear and tear that eventually causes cascading part breakage also contributes to decreasing the system’s efficiency. As the parts wear down, they slowly lose the ability to provide the same output that they did when they were new. This leads to the system working longer and longer to achieve the same results, which results in higher operating costs. Again, you could try to keep replacing parts until the efficiency improves, but it will never get back to the level it was at when the system was younger.

If you think that your commercial HVAC system is reaching the end of its life, call Command A/C. We provide commercial HVAC installation service throughout the Fullerton, CA area.


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