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Relieve Indoor Allergies with an Upgraded Air Filter

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Allergy sufferers may be very happy that their outdoor allergies are on the wane with the advent of cooler weather, but that doesn’t mean automatic relief from indoor allergies. In a climate like ours, the outdoor allergy season can last a fairly long time, and if you also suffer from indoor allergies, you are getting hit with a 1-2 punch. One of the best ways to reduce the symptoms and effects of indoor allergies is to upgrade the air filter in your home’s HVAC system. The indoor air quality experts from Command A/C can help with this – all you have to do is give us a call and schedule an appointment for your home in Newport Beach!

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How Do UV Lights Remove Contaminants?

Monday, July 13th, 2015

There are plenty of indoor air quality products available for homeowners to use, but if you are looking for an IAQ device that is specifically geared for removing biological contaminants, you’ll want to look at UV germicidal lights. UV lights work very differently from other air cleaners, and to maximize the benefits UV lights can offer, it’s important to hire trained experts, like the ones at Command A/C, to install and service them.

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Why Bother with Duct Sealing?

Monday, May 18th, 2015

If you have a forced air system, you have ductwork in your home or business. Your ductwork plays a very important role when it comes to your cooling and heating as without it, the air from your HVAC can’t reach your indoor spaces. Ductwork is made to be quite durable, but it isn’t impervious to environmental effects; wear and tear can set in, and when it does, it can create cracks, holes and leaks that can cause a number of problems. Another problem that often develops with wearing ductwork is the breaking of seals between sections, resulting in disconnections. What can you do about it? Call the professionals at Command A/C and schedule an appointment for duct sealing services in Cypress, CA.

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It’s Allergy Season – Is Your Filter Up to Snuff?

Monday, May 11th, 2015

If you have spring allergies, then you know just how tough it can be to live comfortably in the early spring season. Trees and grass can be particularly fruitful at this time of year, and along with that growth comes pollen. While your air conditioner comes with a standard filter, it is not the job of this air filter to improve your home’s indoor air quality and capture allergens. But you can replace that standard filter with one that can improve the quality of your indoor air and help the allergy sufferers at the same time.

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What Can UV Lighting Do for My Home?

Monday, April 6th, 2015

UV lights, also known as UV germicidal lighting, are indoor air quality products that destroy and eradicate biological contaminants. UV lighting is unique from other IAQ products in that it specifically addresses biological contaminants, and removes these contaminants in a very different way than other air cleaners. Why consider UV lighting for your home in Cypress, CA? There are a number of reasons, as we’ll discuss below, but it’s important to remember that any upgrade to your HVAC system should always be handled by trained experts, like the ones at Command A/C.

How UV Lighting Works

UV lighting works by using UV-C rays to ruin the DNA of biological contaminants and also destroy their life-sustaining proteins. As such, UV lights don’t just destroy single contaminants; the lights also stop contaminants from reproducing, thereby eradicating them.

UV lights do not attract or draw contaminants to them as other indoor air quality products do. This is because UV lights are stationary, so to maximize their effect, they are placed in strategic locations, such as over the evaporator coils of your HVAC system and in ductwork. UV lights do not capture contaminants, and they won’t work on any contaminant that isn’t biological in nature. As such, it is often recommended that UV lights are paired with an electronic air cleaner or air filter to truly maximize your indoor air quality.

Benefits of UV Lights

The main benefit of UV lighting is how effectively they remove biological contaminants from your home’s air, but they have other benefits worth considering:

  • Helps with energy efficiency – UV lights prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which, when allowed to grow on your HVAC system’s coils, can affect the operation of your system.
  • Flexible placement – while the suggested areas for placement are over coils and in ductwork, UV lighting can be placed just about anywhere your system needs them.
  • Eliminates odors – UV lights help eliminate odors from your home, leaving the air smelling fresh.

UV lights offer a simple, integrated way to eliminate biological contaminants from your home, and the experts at Command A/C are here to help you with installation – call us today!

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How Clogged Air Filters Can Damage Heating Systems

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Air filters are such small parts of forced air heating systems, and such simple ones. It’s just a simple woven mesh stretched across a frame, and inserted in the air return duct. Despite how trivial it seems, however, the air filter is actually one of the most important parts of any forced air combustion heater. If it is not taken care of properly, it can create all sorts of issues for your heater. This is especially true if you’re a furnace owner, like the majority of Americans. Let’s take a look at what can happen when you don’t clean or replace your air filter every few months.


An air filter that isn’t cleaned or changed every few months will become clogged with the very particulates that it is supposed to protect the furnace from. This will cause it to restrict the flow of air into the furnace, which will cause the temperature inside the furnace to rise. This activates the limit switch, a tiny part that measures the temperature inside the furnace. The limit switch will shut down the furnace when it reaches dangerous heat levels, but it won’t be able to address the source of the overheating. When the furnace restarts, it will overheat and start the entire process over again. This traps the furnace in a constant startup/shutoff cycle, which is extremely bad for it.

Effects of Short-Cycling

The startup cycle is the most stressful part of a furnace’s operation. It is during the startup cycle that the furnace runs constantly until it manages to reach the temperature the thermostat requires. After that point, the demand levels off and the furnace only needs to make occasional adjustments to keep the temperature constant. By trapping it in the startup cycle, however, short-cycling puts the furnace under an immense amount of strain. This substantially increases the risk that the furnace will break down, as well as shortening its lifespan. If the furnace is left to short-cycle for too long, the entire thing may have to be replaced.

If you notice your furnace short-cycling, turn it off immediately and call Command A/C. We clean and replace air filters throughout the Huntington Beach area.

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How Duct Sealing Can save You Money

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Ducts are often ignored by homeowners, and it’s not hard to understand why. Ducts fulfill a vital role, transporting warm and cool air throughout the house. However, they are also rather large and a bit of an eyesore. This is why they are largely installed out of sight, where they do not offend homeowners’ aesthetic sensibilities. Unfortunately, this kind of unobtrusive installation also makes them more likely to be neglected by homeowners when it comes to maintenance. Let’s find out what can happen to your ducts when they aren’t properly maintained, and how you can keep them operating properly.

Duct Leaks

Ductwork is not affected by a wide range of issues, primarily due to its simple construction. However, those problems that do affect ducts can be a big hindrance to their proper operation. Duct leaks are the worst of these problems. Duct leaks can form in many ways, whether from animal activity, human error, improper installation, or even regular use. For the most part, these leaks are fairly small. However, there are often a high number of them in each duct network, and their cumulative effect can be substantial. An average forced air system can lose as much as 30% of its output to leaks in the ductwork. That is why duct sealing is so important.

The Economic Benefits of Duct Sealing

Duct sealing is a process by which all leaks in your home’s ductwork are found and closed. It is meant to eliminate the loss of energy through those leaks during the operation of any forced air system. Losing that much energy from your heating or air conditioning system amounts to a significant waste of money. Duct sealing saves you money by eliminating that energy loss, shortening the time that your system needs to operate. Though any duct sealing is better than no duct sealing, remember that leaks can continue to form even after the procedure. For that reason, we recommend having your ducts sealed at least once every two years.

If you haven’t had your ducts sealed before, call Command A/C. We provide quality ductwork services throughout Cerritos, CA.

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Warning Signs It’s Time to Schedule Duct Repair

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Ducts may seem like one of those few HVAC parts that never need repair. After all, it’s not like they’re being put under a lot of stress during operation. All they do is sit there, passively directing air from one room to the next and back to the heating or air conditioning system. Barring physical damage from an outside source, like an earthquake, they never need any sort of repairs, right? Wrong. Ducts may seem like the stoic and sturdy backbone of your HVAC system, but in fact they’re a lot more vulnerable to damage than they seem. Let’s take a look at the signs that it’s time to schedule repairs for your ducts.

Higher Heating Bills

Your heating bills are naturally going to fluctuate from month to month, but that’s not what we’re talking about. The sign that you have a problem is when your heating bills start to show a consistent rise over multiple months. There are many possible causes for this, almost all of which are linked to problems with your heating system, including your ducts. This is often caused by leaks in the ductwork, either created by poor installation or natural expansion and contraction of the ducts. It can even be caused by animals that can occasionally be trapped in the ducts and damage them trying to get out. If you notice a steady rise in your heating bills, it’s time to schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician.

Uneven Heating

If you are having issues with getting enough heat in one of your rooms, but the rest of the house is fine, then you probably have a problem with your ductwork. This can be caused by some sort of blockage in the ducts, or by a large leak in that section of the ductwork. Regardless, central heating systems normally distribute the same amount of heat to all parts of the house. Uneven heating is a pretty obvious sign that something is wrong with the ducts.

If you aren’t sure what condition your ducts are in, call Command A/C to schedule an appointment. We provide quality duct repair services throughout Garden Grove, CA.

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How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

The health and comfort of your family are two of the most important considerations when scheduling services for your home. Often, you seek the help of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technicians because you wish to upgrade or repair your home heating and AC system for your family’s comfort. But you may also decide to call on the help of technicians when you notice repeated issues with your family’s health.

Do frequent allergy or asthma symptoms affect your family? Does it seem that you’ve made far too many visits to your doctor’s office in the past year? Part of the problem may be that the air in your home isn’t as clean as you’d like. When you decide it’s time to take control over the quality of the air your family breathes, call Command A/C. We install indoor air quality systems and provide professional ductwork services in Long Beach, CA and Orange County, CA.

UV Lights

A UV light purifier is able to kill bacteria and viruses living in the ductwork of your home. These microorganisms thrive in moist and dark conditions, much like the conditions on your air conditioner’s condenser coil. The blower fan may blow bacteria directly into the home, leading to illness. UV lights kill small organisms instantly. These are recommended for people with compromised immune systems, small children, or the elderly.

Air Filters and Purifiers

You should already have an air filter in your home heating and AC system, but if you don’t regularly change it and look for a new filter with a high efficiency rating, you may not get quite the level of air filtration you need. Check the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of your filter, and consider purchasing one with a higher MERV than your previous filter. You might also consider an electronic air purifier, which supplements your HVAC filter for advanced particle elimination.

Duct Sealing

Sealing the ducts can keep particles from entering and distributing into your home. For example, holes in the ducts may allow insulation from the attic to penetrate your home, a substance made of fibers which are usually not safe to inhale.

Call the experts at Command A/C today for ductwork repair or indoor air quality system installation in Long Beach, CA.

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How an Electronic Air Purifier Cleans Your Air

Monday, February 16th, 2015

The filter in your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system helps to eliminate some of the particles in the air that may aggravate allergies and irritate the sinuses. Most home HVAC filters can eliminate some of the most common contaminants such as pollen, dust mites, and various fibers. These filters trap particles to improve the health of those in your home and to help protect the heating and air conditioning system as well.

However, sometimes air filters aren’t enough to remove smaller particles from the air. As it turns out, air filters were designed to eliminate large particles that could clog the furnace or air conditioning system and cause it to struggle. If debris were to become lodged in the indoor blower fan, then the motor could stall and require replacement. Since filters were designed for this basic purpose rather than for air filtration, some of the standard filters don’t actually eliminate many of the worst contaminants from the air.

You could purchase a filter with a higher efficiency rating by choosing a filter with a higher rating on the MERV scale (minimum efficiency reporting value). Your home heating and AC system likely has a filter with a MERV of less than 6 even though the scale goes up to 16. However, if the MERV rating of a home filter is too high, the size of the filter may block airflow to the unit, hindering performance and perhaps leading to repairs. It may be a better idea instead to install an additional filtration system.

Electronic air purifiers work with your home HVAC system to eliminate more of the particles that pass through your ducts or throughout your home. Electronic air filters give the particles in your air a charge so that they become attracted to a surface with an opposite charge.

There are two types of electronic air filters: ion generators and electrostatic precipitators. An electrostatic precipitator contains an ionization chamber and two large metal plates. After particles are given a charge, they become attracted to these plates, which need to be cleaned about every few months. With an ion generator, these ions are sent throughout the room, charging particles in the air so they cling to surfaces in the home like the drapes or furniture, so that people in your home are less likely to inhale them.

Calling Command A/C gives you the choice between several different types of air purifiers in Newport Beach, CA, so that we can help you to select the unit that’s best for your family’s health and comfort. Contact our team of indoor air quality experts today for quality air purifier service.

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