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Ductless Systems Save You Money

The benefits of living in Long Beach, CA are huge. Not only do we have easy access to our beautiful beaches, but the proximity to the shoreline means that our summers aren’t quite as hot as they might be further inland. The price for that is that our winters tend to be a lot cooler than elsewhere in southern California, and a good heating system is almost as important as a good air conditioner in our neck of the woods.

That’s one of the reasons why we stress the benefits of ductless heating systems (and ductless cooling systems) so well. Balancing the comfort of your home against the costs involved can be very tricky. Ductless systems make that balance a lot easier to achieve. Here’s how.

Division of Labor Means Precise Control

The main feature of ductless systems is that they divide the work load between multiple heating and cooling units: each spaced throughout your home and charged with warming or cooling just a single room or section. That stands in contrast to a centralized unit, which heats or cools the air in one place and then distributes it throughout your home. That gives you a much more precise level of control over the temperature in your home. On a basic level, it lets you set different temperatures in different rooms according to the personal whims of the occupants.

But by extending that idea, you can turn off the heat (or cool air in the summer) in rooms you aren’t using while still running it in rooms you are. Your house stays comfortable, but it can save you a great deal of money, since you’re only controlling the temperature in parts you need. This is especially helpful in larger homes, but even small ones can benefit from it.

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