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Is It Time to Get a New Furnace in Long Beach?

Long Beach has one of the finest winter climates in all of the U.S. Right now, some states are struggling with power outages due to massive ice storms, while Long Beach bathes in clear skies and temperatures in the 70s. However, if you look over the long-term forecast for Southern California, the first few months of the New Year will have some chilly spots that will require you to fire up the ol’ furnace.

And what if that ol’ furnace is too ol’? (Or, old?) If colder weather is on the way, you don’t want to be trapped with a rickety heater ready to collapse at the worst possible time. To get the best heating in Long Beach, CA, it might be time to replace that venerable old heater with a fresh system.

Command A/C can help you with replacement installation if the time is right. Here are some guidelines to help you decide:

The furnace is more than 20 years old

A well-maintained furnace can often make it past the two-decade mark. If yours has, then you’ve gotten a great bargain out of it. However, wear from age is inevitable, no matter the care that goes into the system. Instead of the inconvenience of replacing the old system when it finally fails completely, replace it now.

Your heating bills have started to climb

Your old furnace may still provide you with the level of heat that you want, but that doesn’t mean that it is working well. The stress of age will make the heater strain to reach its target temperature, and this will appear as inflation on your heating bills. If your bills remain high regardless of repairs, it’s best to replace the furnace and start saving money each month.

Repairs have become too frequent

If you have scheduled repairs for your furnace so often that you think it might be more worthwhile to have the technician rent out a spare room, then your furnace is signaling that it’s on its last legs. The repairs will add up until they cost more than a replacement, so get ahead of the problem and take care of the replacement as soon as you can.

Even if it seems clear that you need to have a new furnace installed for your heating in Long Beach, CA, it’s a large step to take. Consult with an Long Beach heating technician to see if replacement is the best plan, and then let the expert guide you toward the best system to install in the former one’s place.

Contact Command A/C for furnace installation done fast and right. We can install gas, propane, and electric furnaces to suit the needs of any home.

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