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Making the Most of Your Ductless Heating System

After a typically late Indian summer here in Huntington Beach, CA, we’re finally seeing signs of cooler weather on the way. Because we live here on the coast instead of further inland. If you own a ductless heating system, you’ve already experienced the benefits it can bring: allowing you to run the heat only in those parts of the house you need it to and keeping it turned off in unused portions of the home. That will help keep heating bills down all winter and ensure that you make the most of your system.

In addition, you can take some simple steps to improve heating efficiency in your home. Some of them are used commonly in homes with central heating, while others are tailored to homes that use a ductless system. Either way, they can help you save even more on your monthly bills than you already are.

  • Close Doors. You probably know not to leave doors open on a chilly day when you’re trying to heat the home. In homes with a ductless system, this applies to parts of the house where the heat is running as well. Keep those doors closed if at all possible and stay out of the unheated portions of the home if you can.
  • Open Curtains. If you have windows with a lot of sunlight exposure, they can help you warm the house without much effort. Keep windows closed, but open up the curtains, especially for windows with an ocean view or which are pointing west. We may be on the beach, but this is sunny So Cal after all.
  • Seal Cracks. cracks under your door or around your windows can be sealed with weather stripping. Again, in the case of ductless heating systems, you can apply this to door abetting parts of the home that you’re heating.

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