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Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Before the Summer Hits

Those spring temps are pretty fabulous, but after they are gone, we are in the heat of summer here in Orange County. Command A/C knows how uncomfortable it can get, and the last thing we want to see is our customers experiencing a mid-summer air conditioner breakdown. This is why air conditioning maintenance in Orange County is one of our specialties, and why we strongly recommend you do a spring tune-up every year.

Why Do Annual Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Your air conditioner is a complex system of multiple parts and components that all work together to cool your property. If you haven’t used your system in a while, it is very likely that it has collected leaves, debris and dirt. In addition, if unknown problems began toward the end of last season, they most likely didn’t disappear. Wouldn’t you rather know about these problems on a nice, spring day rather than on a 90 degree day in July?

Here are some reasons why Command A/C recommends scheduling air conditioning maintenance for our Orange County customers:

Maintenance can preserve your A/C’s cooling capability – by testing your air conditioner in the spring via a regular maintenance visit, your air conditioning technician will be able to detect any existing problems that could deter or obstruct the cooling process.

Maintenance can potentially improve your air conditioner’s energy efficiency – lots of small items can interfere with your system’s ability to run efficiently. Typical problems are dirty air filters, refrigerant leaks and reduced air flow. By tackling these problems before summer, you are preparing your system to work optimally when it runs full-time.

Maintenance ensures your air conditioner gets cleaned – cleaning certain components of your air conditioning system is important. Areas that typically need cleaning are the fans, condenser coils, evaporator coils and the fins. Dirt and dust collection can create strain on an air conditioning system, so getting rid of the accumulated layer of dirt can make your system breathe easier.

Maintenance can prevent big repairs – by performing regular maintenance on your AC, your technician is more likely to catch potential problems before they become big problems.

Call Us to Schedule Spring Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

Spring maintenance can help your system do what it should in the summer: keep you cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside. As we head into the summer, call Command A/C to schedule your spring air conditioning maintenance in Orange County.

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