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Steps to Take When a Ductless Heating Unit Breaks Down

One of the big benefits of ductless heating and air conditioning systems is that when one unit suffers a breakdown, it doesn’t shut off the heat to the whole house. Even if it occurs in a central part of your house like the living room or the kitchen, you can easily move to a separate part of your Newport Beach, CA home — one with a functioning ductless unit — to wait for repairs to take place. But there are additional steps you should take to keep the heat in your home that the levels you want and to avoid wasting undue amounts of energy. The good news is that ductless systems are designed to make these steps very easy, and can preserve the comfort levels in your home even while you wait for the repair service.

  • Turn off the Affected Unit. Even if the unit seems to be running, it’s a good idea to turn it off to prevent further damage and to ensure that the repair technician can treat is as quickly as possible. If there’s a problem shutting it off, you might want to turn the circuit breaker connected to it and cut off power completely.
  • Close Doors. When a unit in your ductless heating system breaks down, make sure you close all the doors leading to that section. It will ensure that the rest of your house can be heated efficiently without bleeding heat into the affected section of the house.
  • Gauge the Risk. We don’t suffer from a lot of deep freezes here on the coast, but that doesn’t mean that computers or other components in your home can’t be affected by a faulty heater. If you think some piece of equipment may suffer from excessive cold, make sure you move it out of the affected area immediately.

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