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What Can UV Lighting Do for My Home?

Monday, April 6th, 2015

UV lights, also known as UV germicidal lighting, are indoor air quality products that destroy and eradicate biological contaminants. UV lighting is unique from other IAQ products in that it specifically addresses biological contaminants, and removes these contaminants in a very different way than other air cleaners. Why consider UV lighting for your home in Cypress, CA? There are a number of reasons, as we’ll discuss below, but it’s important to remember that any upgrade to your HVAC system should always be handled by trained experts, like the ones at Command A/C.

How UV Lighting Works

UV lighting works by using UV-C rays to ruin the DNA of biological contaminants and also destroy their life-sustaining proteins. As such, UV lights don’t just destroy single contaminants; the lights also stop contaminants from reproducing, thereby eradicating them.

UV lights do not attract or draw contaminants to them as other indoor air quality products do. This is because UV lights are stationary, so to maximize their effect, they are placed in strategic locations, such as over the evaporator coils of your HVAC system and in ductwork. UV lights do not capture contaminants, and they won’t work on any contaminant that isn’t biological in nature. As such, it is often recommended that UV lights are paired with an electronic air cleaner or air filter to truly maximize your indoor air quality.

Benefits of UV Lights

The main benefit of UV lighting is how effectively they remove biological contaminants from your home’s air, but they have other benefits worth considering:

  • Helps with energy efficiency – UV lights prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which, when allowed to grow on your HVAC system’s coils, can affect the operation of your system.
  • Flexible placement – while the suggested areas for placement are over coils and in ductwork, UV lighting can be placed just about anywhere your system needs them.
  • Eliminates odors – UV lights help eliminate odors from your home, leaving the air smelling fresh.

UV lights offer a simple, integrated way to eliminate biological contaminants from your home, and the experts at Command A/C are here to help you with installation – call us today!

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How an Electronic Air Purifier Cleans Your Air

Monday, February 16th, 2015

The filter in your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system helps to eliminate some of the particles in the air that may aggravate allergies and irritate the sinuses. Most home HVAC filters can eliminate some of the most common contaminants such as pollen, dust mites, and various fibers. These filters trap particles to improve the health of those in your home and to help protect the heating and air conditioning system as well.

However, sometimes air filters aren’t enough to remove smaller particles from the air. As it turns out, air filters were designed to eliminate large particles that could clog the furnace or air conditioning system and cause it to struggle. If debris were to become lodged in the indoor blower fan, then the motor could stall and require replacement. Since filters were designed for this basic purpose rather than for air filtration, some of the standard filters don’t actually eliminate many of the worst contaminants from the air.

You could purchase a filter with a higher efficiency rating by choosing a filter with a higher rating on the MERV scale (minimum efficiency reporting value). Your home heating and AC system likely has a filter with a MERV of less than 6 even though the scale goes up to 16. However, if the MERV rating of a home filter is too high, the size of the filter may block airflow to the unit, hindering performance and perhaps leading to repairs. It may be a better idea instead to install an additional filtration system.

Electronic air purifiers work with your home HVAC system to eliminate more of the particles that pass through your ducts or throughout your home. Electronic air filters give the particles in your air a charge so that they become attracted to a surface with an opposite charge.

There are two types of electronic air filters: ion generators and electrostatic precipitators. An electrostatic precipitator contains an ionization chamber and two large metal plates. After particles are given a charge, they become attracted to these plates, which need to be cleaned about every few months. With an ion generator, these ions are sent throughout the room, charging particles in the air so they cling to surfaces in the home like the drapes or furniture, so that people in your home are less likely to inhale them.

Calling Command A/C gives you the choice between several different types of air purifiers in Newport Beach, CA, so that we can help you to select the unit that’s best for your family’s health and comfort. Contact our team of indoor air quality experts today for quality air purifier service.

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