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How to Treat Ductless AC Repairs

Monday, April 4th, 2016

The benefits of a ductless air conditioning system lie largely in its decentralized format. While most air conditioning systems generate cool air in one single location, ductless systems use multiple units spaced throughout your home, each charged with cooling one room (or section). That can be a great boon in coastal towns like Long Beach, where centralized systems are impractical and often don’t meet our needs. Ductless systems suffer breakdowns like any other system, and a good repair service can fix them the right way. But treating them takes a slightly different approach, which you should be aware of before you start.

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Ductless Systems Make a Great Fit for Beach Homes

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Here in Southern California, most households rely on centralized air conditioning systems which generate cool air in a single location before distributing it with a series of ducts. Recent nationwide trends have shifted that dynamic, as ductless cooling systems are rapidly increasing in popularity. The ductless system makes particular sense in beach cities like Huntington Beach, CA where the weather is a little different and homes don’t always have the benefit of hidden crawlspaces to make ducts practical. There’s a number of great reasons for beach homes to go ductless, and if you’ve been struggling with an answer to your household cooling problems, this system may be just what you need.

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Why You Don’t Need a Zone Control System with Ductless Cooling

Monday, October 26th, 2015

One of the bigger challenges with using a ducted cooling system is finding a temperature that everyone can live with. Notice that we didn’t say “comfortably” – we avoided this word for a reason. That reason is that in a home with several people, it is next to impossible to find a single thermostat setting on a single thermostat that will make everyone happy. Instead, you shoot for the best, which is the one everyone can live with. To alleviate this kind of challenge, many homeowners with ducted cooling systems opt for a zone control system. But one of the great benefits of owning and using a ductless cooling system is that you don’t ever have to worry about needing zone control because you already have it.

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Does My Ductless System Need to Be Sized?

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Installing a ductless cooling system is typically easier and takes less time because of the way the system is laid out and operates. However, there is one critical step that needs to be taken with a ductless AC just as with any other whole home cooling system: the outdoor unit needs to be sized properly. The blowers of a ductless system won’t change very much in size, and any differences in various indoor blowers are attributable to differences between brands versus sizing of a system. How do you size a ductless system? Let’s take a look.

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Why Is There Ice on My Heat Pump?

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Odds are you’ve had your ductless cooling system running pretty consistently the last few months, which means it has been pretty busy. Wear and tear is natural when your heat pump system is on consistent operation, but one thing that is never a part of normal operation with your heat pump is ice build-up. It may seem like this could potentially be normal due to the heat outside, but what it is really indicative of is a problem that is creating an imbalance with the heat release/cooling process.

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Does My Ductless Air Filter Need Cleaning?

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Just because you have a ductless cooling system doesn’t mean you don’t have an air filter. In fact, each blower can have up to three air filters, depending on the model of your mounted indoor unit. So to answer the question of cleaning: yes, all of the air filters in each ductless blower definitely need to be cleaned regularly. Why is cleaning important? We’ll discuss this more below.

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Why Isn’t My Ductless System Cooling?

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Many homeowners in Long Beach, CA, enjoy the cool comfort of their ductless systems throughout the summer, but what happens when you come home to find that your air isn’t as cool as it should be? There can be a few reasons why your ductless system isn’t cooling as needed, but it’s important to allow only trained experts to determine the cause. The ductless HVAC pros at Command A/C can help with all of your ductless system repair needs; all you have to do is give us call!

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Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Ductless Air Conditioning System

Monday, July 6th, 2015

You may have bought a new home and inherited a ductless AC, or you may have been one of the earlier fans of the system. In either case, your ductless cooling system may be hitting retirement age, and it’s better to replace it before it reaches the end of the road. It can be hard to part with an air conditioner that is still running, but the pervasive question is always: is it running well? To help you answer this question, and help determine if it’s time to replace your ductless system, we have a few factors for you to consider:

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Why Consider Ductless Installation in Huntington Beach?

Monday, June 8th, 2015

When it comes to whole home air conditioning, there are a number of choices on the market. However, not every type of air conditioning system is going to be a match for you and your home, especially if your home doesn’t have ductwork. So what is an option to consider? Ductless cooling. This type of system is great for homes with or without ductwork for a number of reasons, as we’ll explain below, but gaining the benefits the system has to offer is highly contingent on hiring professionals for installation and repair. This is where the experts at Command A/C come in. We have been helping customers in the Huntington Beach, CA, area with their air conditioning needs for a long time, and we can help you with yours, too. First, let’s take a look at how a ductless cooling system can benefit you.

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