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What Kind of Maintenance Does My Ductless System Need?

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Every HVAC system, no matter what kind, needs to be properly maintained in order to work optimally and efficiently. If you have a ductless system and aren’t sure what kind of maintenance you need for it, let the experts at Command A/C help you.

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Things to Consider before Replacing Your Air Conditioning System

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

No air conditioner can last forever, no matter the durability of its construction or the regularity of its care. Eventually, mechanical stress will reduce the system’s efficiency to the level that it either breaks down permanently or becomes too expensive to maintain and run compared to its cooling output.

In Southern California, we put or ACs through an enormous amount of work. That means we need to pay particular attention to when they need replacement, because the time might arrive sooner than expected. If you are at the point where you think you should replace your current air conditioning, you have a few options to consider.

Command A/C can help you with making the important decisions regarding new air conditioning installation in Los Alamitos, CA. Put our extensive training and experience to work for you so you’ll have the right AC keeping you cool this summer.

Some Considerations for New Air Conditioning

  • Is it really time for a replacement? Check on the manufacturer’s lifetime estimate for your system. If it has already exceeded it, then you should have the AC replaced—especially if it has experienced any operating troubles. If you have spent more than $500 on repairs to keep the air conditioning running, then replacement is also the best choice. For a younger air conditioner, check with an HVAC expert to see if there are still repair options available to keep it running efficiently.
  • What about installing a new thermostat? If you decide on new installation, also look into replacing your old thermostat, especially if it is a manual model or an old non-programmable digital model. An accurate, programmable thermostat is a huge boost for any air conditioning system, and you will want to get the most from a new AC.
  • Maybe you should install a heat pump instead? Heat pumps are popular in Southern California. These comfort systems take care of both heating and cooling using the same action as an air conditioner. Make a heat pump your #1 pick if you have also considered replacing your old furnace along with the air conditioner.

There are many more questions to consider when it comes to choosing to install a new AC. Count on Command A/C and our professional staff to help make these decisions simpler. With our assistance, you will end up with the optimal air conditioning in Los Alamitos working for you this summer… even if it’s your old system.

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