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Why a Heat Pump Works Best for Long Beach, CA Heating

Long Beach has one of the most pleasant climates in the United States, enjoying resort-like conditions much of the year. Because of the warm seasons, heating our homes presents a tricky situation. Heating is necessary—it won’t be sunny and 72°F every day of the year—but that heating shouldn’t be a large energy drain when we turn it on. For this reason, homeowners are often reluctant to invest in a large system such as a gas furnace.

Gas furnaces do work well, and for some large homes they can be ideal. But the system that we find works best for Long Beach, CA heating is the heat pump. We’ll list a few reasons why the heat pump is one of the best options for your comfort.

To learn more about your choices for heat pump installation, call Command A/C today and talk to our Long Beach heating system experts.

What makes a heat pump a great choice for Long Beach

  • Heating and cooling in one: A heat pump isn’t just a heater. It’s also an air conditioner. Essentially, a heat pump is an AC that can reverse the direction it moves heat so that instead of taking the heat outside, it brings it inside. Since an effective air conditioner is your first priority for Long Beach, a heat pump has you covered for most of the year. Think of the heating as a bonus!
  • Energy-efficiency: Furnaces, whether electric or gas-powered, must use their energy to directly create heat. A heat pump, however, does not create heat at all; it moves it from one place to another. The only energy it needs to do this is the electrical power required to operate its mechanics. This is significantly less than what a furnace uses. U.S. government studies found that a family of four can save as much as 30% off their annual heating bills when switching to a heat pump.
  • Effective heating: In cooling mode, heat pumps can compete with standalone AC models for the amount of comfort they provide. They are not as effective at providing heat, however, when the outdoor temperature drops too low, and for this reason heat pumps often need a backup system in colder climates. But none of this applies to a heat pump in Long Beach: you will get the right level of comfort that you need, and your heat pump will never have to struggle with sub-freezing temperatures.

Double-check: Is a heat pump your best choice?

Although we just spent most of this post talking up the heat pump, there is no such thing as a heating system that is always the best choice for every home. Schedule an appointment with the heating specialists at Command A/C for knowledgeable advice about the best way to keep your home warm without spending a fortune on energy costs. We have your concerns about heating in Long Beach, CA covered.

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