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Why Install a Heat Pump in Warm Climates

When it comes to heating a home in Southern California, most homeowners are uncertain what option is best for them. Because Southern Californian homes need heating far less than most other parts of the country, residents want heaters that can provide sufficient heat without draining too much power during the brief times when they run. If possible, homeowners would also like a heater that takes up less space.

For these reasons, and for more that we’ll detail below, we recommend installing a heat pump for your Huntington Beach, CA heating system installation. To find out more about what heat pump installation requires, call us at Command A/C and speak to our specialists.

Why heat pumps are appealing for warm climates

First things first: a heat pump isn’t just a heater—it’s also an air conditioner. That takes care of the space problem, since you only need to install one system to cover your heating and cooling needs. Heat pumps are not two separate units packaged together, like you often see with an air conditioner installed above a furnace in the same cabinet. A heat pump uses the same action—heat exchange—whether in heating or cooling mode. Heat pumps provide air conditioning at the level of the best solo ACs on the market, so you don’t have to worry about losing valuable cooling power during the long hot seasons.

Second, heat pumps are very energy efficient when in heating mode. The reason that heating systems like furnaces and boilers use so much energy is that they must burn fuel in order to create heat. However, a heat pump uses its power source, electricity, only to run its mechanical parts. A heat pump does not create heat (or cooling) at all; it instead shifts the location of heat, moving it outside to provide a cooler environment, and moving it indoors for a warmer one. Government studies have shown that switching from a furnace to heat pump can save a family 30% off their annual heating bills.

Finally, heat pumps in warm climates have no problem overcoming their one major disadvantage: efficiency loss in sub-freezing temperatures. When was the last time Huntington Beach had temperatures below 32°F? A heat pump will rarely experience any trouble providing you the heat you need to feel comfortable.

So why doesn’t everybody have a heat pump?

Despite all these advantages, heat pumps are not the best option for every house. Call expert installers to help you determine what heating system installation in Huntington Beach, CA will give you optimal heat combined with the most economical performance. At Command A/C, we’re ready to help you get the comfort you want.

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