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Orange, CA Air Conditioning and Heating Services by Command A/C

Living in California, homeowners really need to be able to count on their air conditioning and heating systems. Summers are long and hot, but temperatures do drop later in the year. If you want to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, call the Orange, CA air conditioning and heating experts at Command Comfort. Our team of highly skilled and trained HVAC technicians will make sure that you can both heat and cool your home without worry all year long.

Air Conditioning Services in Orange, CA

Everyone wants to be able to keep their home cool and comfortable throughout the summer months. Of course, high energy costs can make this pricey. When you work with a qualified air conditioning expert, you can get more efficient and more affordable performance from your air conditioner. We install high–efficiency AC systems in Orange, CA, and we can replace an older system with an upgrade. Let Command Comfort handle your air conditioning installation and replacement services to ensure that you can keep cool this summer without draining your funds.

We Offer AC Repair Service

It is only a matter of time until you will need to schedule air conditioning repair. When you do, call the air conditioning repair professionals at Command Comfort. We have the training, tools, and skills necessary to handle any air conditioning repair needs you may have in Orange, CA. Our comprehensive air conditioning maintenance service will help keep the frequency of air conditioning repair service to a minimum. Call our air conditioning technicians today to learn more about our maintenance and repair services.

Are You Looking for Ductless Mini Split Services?

When it comes to great comfort for a home in Orange, CA 365 days of the year, ductless mini split installation is an option you should consider. These systems work that same as standard heat pumps, but instead of distributing conditioned air through a ventilation network hooked to an indoor cabinet, they instead work through smaller air handlers (the "mini" part of the name) located in key spots throughout a home. The air handlers send a direct current of conditioned air into the rooms, and offers air that’s free of contamination from the dust that can collect in ductwork. Ductless mini split installation is ideal for new construction and add–on rooms, as well as older houses without sufficient space for ducts. Command Comfort will install a new ductless heat pump for you, and we also offer excellent service to keep ductless systems in top shape.

We Install and Service Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Systems

Mitsubishi designs some of the finest ductless mini splits available, but you shouldn’t look to just any company when it comes to installing or servicing one. You want a certified Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer for this job–and we are your local resource for Mitsubishi ductless mini splits. When you contact us for Mitsubishi ductless mini split installation or repairs and maintenance for any Mitsubishi ductless model, you will receive the quality that you deserve.

Do You Need Heater Services in Orange, CA?

While California is a warm, comfortable place to live for much of the year, it is still imperative that you purchase a high–quality heating system for any new heating installations in Orange, CA. A lot of factors will determine the efficiency with which your heating system operates, including the proper sizing of the system and the quality of the installation itself. The heating technicians at Command Comfort will make sure that you can keep your home warm and cozy in an affordable manner this heating season.

We Offer Professional Heating Repair

All mechanized systems run the risk of operational problems and damages, and your heating system is included. Keep your eyes and ears open for any decline in service or irregularities with the operation of your heater. The sooner your heating repair needs are satisfied, the less serious any damage to your heating system is likely to be. Our Orange, CA heating repair specialists also offer great heating maintenance options to keep your system working as reliably as possible. Call today to schedule heating repair service in Orange, CA today.

Commercial HVAC Services in Orange, CA

Your commercial heating and air conditioning equipment is complex and costly. You must work only with professional, qualified commercial HVAC technicians to protect the condition of this equipment and its condition. Command Comfort is the commercial HVAC installation, repair and maintenance company to trust with your commercial air conditioning and heating equipment. Call today to learn more about the great commercial HVAC services that we offer in Orange, CA.

Do you need to schedule air conditioning installation service? Are you behind on heating maintenance? Is it time for a commercial HVAC repair? Call Command Comfort today to get all the air conditioning, heating, commercial HVAC and indoor air quality services you need in Orange, CA.

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